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With permission of our respective speakers, we can provide the following material presented during the conference:

Tomas Brage:

Slides Talk Tomas Brage

Ursula Keller:

Slides Talk Ursula Keller
Talk Video:
Video Talk Ursula Keller

Juani Bermejo Vega:

Slides Talk Ursula Keller

Angela Saini:

Reading recommendations:

Virginia Valian:

Reading recommendations:
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Joysy John:

Slides Talk Joysy John:

Svenja Christen:

Slides Talk Svenja Christen

Mona Sloane:

Slides Talk Mona Sloane

Dragonfly Mental Health:

Slides Talk Dragonfly Mental Health

Mae Guthman:

Slides Talk Mae Guthman

Renate Weisse:

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Carmina Ravanera:

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Linda Corcoran:

Slides Talk Mae Guthman