All genders welcome!

The issues that will be discussed at this conference affect everyone working in science, in academia, and in society in general. Questions about biases, work/life balance, career paths, how to manage personal life, family responsibilities, and fair treatment in the workplace are important to people of all genders.


Gender. Gender bias and gender imbalance in academia and industry are found across all disciplines and professions. This year we are including different aspects of a person’s social and political identity (e.g., gender, sex, race, class, sexuality…) and discus how this might combine to create unique modes of discrimination and privilege, leading to structural inequalities in the professional system. In doing so, we hope to not only provide helpful information for navigating the current system but also generate ideas for changes that will lead to a better and more inclusive future.


Career Paths. In order to make good decisions for your own professional development, it is important to be aware of the wide spectrum of possibilities. We will host lectures from speakers talking about their own careers, as well as company talks presenting opportunities in their business. Similarly, non-profit organisations, companies and scientific societies and universities will introduce themselves. The 2020 focus lies on innovative working conditions and models and diversity & inclusion at the workplace. For many people, career planning cannot be separated from family planning. For this reason, we will cover the compatibility of family and career in an especial session.


Networking. I, Scientist will provide space for participants to exchange experiences and create networks, inspiring and encouraging them to define their own personal ambitions and pursue themselves confidently. The conference provides opportunities for networking with other attendees, speakers and company representatives and will give insight views into the academic system and the daily life within companies. Learn about future challenges and the impact of a global pandemic on teamwork and cooperation.