Photo: Daniel Lorenz

Gender. We draw attention to gender-based prejudices and inequalities. We want to create spaces for people to think about, present, and discuss solutions. Moreover we want to increase the visibility of diverse role models.

Focus 2020: How does the system discriminate?


  • Group Sessions and Discussions
  • Diverse role models
  • Satellite Workshops

Career Paths. We want to introduce young scientists to a variety of career options in science, industry and alternative fields. Additionally we want to discuss the compatibility of private life and career paths.

Focus 2020: What are the answers that companies found to promote gender diversity?


  • Company Talks
  • Career Fair
  • Role model talks

Networking. We want to create opportunities for networking. We want to create protected spaces to exchange ones experiences and discuss.

Focus 2020: How can we change the system?


  • Group Sessions and Discussions
  • Conference Dinner at Konzil