Dr. Laura Lazar

“Diversity is Capital : How to raise it?”

Most of success stories we read in science and business are about white men. The picture is only then completed when women and people from underrepresented groups share their success stories too. Diversity can be a game changer for companies and societies – if we understand the challenges and see the opportunities. In order to reach gender and social equity we have to deal with outer and inner barriers. Adjusting laws and rules is one part of the story. In order to change our thinking, we need to talk about neuroscience and culturescape. Tips on how to overcome the limitations we are facing today, will be part of the talk. 

Dr. Laura Lazar is the founder of BE COSMOPOLITE. She helps clients design organizations to be diverse and inclusive. Her vision is to bring the awareness that gender and social equality has direct financial benefits to companies, academia, and societies. As a business coach and trainer, she is empowering female individuals on their path to leadership positions. Before self-employment, Laura was working 17 years in DAX 30 and Fortune 100 technology multinationals in various functions – 13 years in global leadership positions. She has a PhD in Physics.