Dr. Taniesha Burke

“Family and academic life. Is it possible to have it all?”

In this talk, we will explore the challenges scientists face in balancing academic life and family life.

Dr. Taniesha Burke is a cross-cultural developmental psychology researcher. She holds a Ph.D. in Family Relations and Human Development from the University of Guelph, Canada, and undergraduate and graduate degrees in Psychology from the University of the West Indies, Jamaica. Dr. Burke’s research focuses on child development and parent-child relationships. She uses the bidirectional framework,such as the social-relational theory to guide her research. The framework considers children and parents as agentic in managing their developmental outcomes and the dynamics of the parent-child relationship. Her research promotes the strength and resilience of the family. Dr. Burke has a wealth of teaching experience. She has taught several courses in child development at universities in Jamaica, Canada, and Germany. At the University of Konstanz, Dr. Burke developed and supervised the psychology department’s first service-learning program for their undergraduate students. She created and taught the department’s first online courses.

Visit her website and follow her on Twitter @TanieshaBurke