Linda Corcoran

“Access For All: It Starts With You”

Disabled in Higher Ed is a group which seeks to highlight, celebrate, and empower those in higher education with disabilities, while also creating awareness of the presence of disabilities at all levels of higher education and academia. Academia and higher education can be very difficult to navigate for a group that is all-too-often forgotten when it comes to equality, diversity and inclusion movements and often seen as a liability. All this despite disability being one of the only marginalized groups that anyone could theoretically become a part of at any time. In this talk, the issues and ableism the disabled in STEM experience will be discussed, along with our recommendations and tips for being a good ally, advisor, or colleague to those you work with.

Linda (she/they) is currently a Teagasc Walsh Scholar completing an MSc (by research) in Food Science at University College Cork and Teagasc Ashtown (Ireland). Their research looks at linking consumer liking to steer feeding systems using novel sensory methods. Being an LGBTQ+ researcher with multiple invisible disabilities, Linda is very passionate about diversity and inclusion as well as creating accessible spaces in science and academia. They are on the executive team of Disabled in Higher Ed, a blog editor and moderator for the Disabled Academic Collective and also work with PhD Balance and Dragonfly Mental Health.