Tamilla Mahkamova

“Sense of Certainty in the Future of Work”

Uncertainty, complexity, and disruption characterize our experience of life and work more and more. I invite you to build a new relationship with uncertainty and be awake to things we can know and influence.  

Tamilla Mahkamova is a senior HR leader and Organizational Development professional with a focus on the human side of the business and digital transformation. Her professional journey took her through East and West and inspired her to study and teach human nature and development from scientific as well as philosophical perspectives, integrating views, asking old and new questions. In all her positions within corporations and NGOs, Tamilla has been a stimulating person activating others to be change-agents for impact and sustainability. Founder of the counselling company NowWhat, Tamilla currently acts as a trusted advisor through critical transitions at work to individuals and organizations.

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